Honey bee processing

We have a vision of creating a society which is self - reliant and confident so that they can make a place and identity in this competitive
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Honey bee processing/Bee keeping with this project our vision is to help families with low level income to procure adequate food and product an adequate amount of income for their families and become independent and flowish. As we will prouide fechnical assistace and wterinany medicine to run a small – scall honey and honey bee by product production. All families will recieve a proffesional training in advanced bee keeping and honey marketing. According to our goal in a time of a year woman can start their honey miere enterprises as this economie plan requires no gender prefference which would help is empowering woman on backword communities and come out of the poor conditions and economieall powerful and help metritional value under their community and ultimately making the coming generations future much more secure. Every bit counts So We would like to emovrage anyone willing to contribute in a better future. Abhyavrata no fear when as One use stand We can fight humanities biggest ememies such hedious Crimes, Prvety, Illisteraey scarcity and I would to contribute one point as we come to think of it Our whole process would natural which would the producer and consumer to be close to and consume pure food product improwing all health nation wide